Meet our team

EMBRACE is made up of a strong professional team.


Shannon is the founder of EMBRACE Enrichment Centre. She has experience in Special Needs Education in Singapore and in The United Kingdom. A Psychology and Education postgraduate from University of Warwick, Shannon is well versed with the latest development and skills in the field. Shannon is also a registered psychologist with the Malaysian Psychological Association. She oversees day to day operations and is hands on with the students.

Shannon Hee.

Reeta Kasi

A Masters in Developmental Psychology from The National University of Malaysia has brought Reeta to our team. Previously, she was a lecturer in psychology. After deciding to pursue her passion in child development, Reeta joined EMBRACE. She goes through all the lesson plans to ensure that it is suitable and fits the need of the class. She is equipped with a teaching certificate.

Thiivitra Manickam

Thiivitra joined EMBRACE with her special needs experience in adult. Within her experience, she was involved in a large range of needs in adults clinical setting. Thiviitra joined us as a Main Teacher, planning for the Beginner class. She holds a Bachelors in Psychology from Raffles University.

Kaminy Santhanathan

Full of passion for children, Kaminy is caring and loving towards every student. Kaminy joined us as Teaching Assistant with more than a year of experience in a local chain nursery. She has a wide range of interest, including a Diploma in Graphic Design and a professional certificate in Business Analytics. Kaminy obtained a First Class Certificate in Educational Psychology during her time with us. She is currently in charge of writing the Individual Educational Plan.

Shannon 毕业于英国华威大学(University of Warwick)硕士学位,主攻教育心理学。创办忘忧教育特别辅导中心前,曾分别在新加坡和英国从事教育行业。他也是马来西亚心理学学会注册心理师。Shannon打理日常营运,也在孩子们的学习上亲历亲为。

Reeta在加入忘忧之前是位心理学讲师。他毕业于马来西亚国立大学, 发展心理学系,硕士。确保老师们设计的课程适合学生是他的责任。同时,Reeta拥有教学资格证。



Nishvini Mugunan

As a Psychology graduate, Nishvini understands about special needs. Although she was in the adults filed previously, her patience has become her strongest weapon against the children. She is currently the teacher in charge of Intermediate Class.


Lim Shi Qian

Lim is a passionate young teaching assistant who had joined us in April 2023. She has a special connection with children. She has a lively and responsible attitude.

Lim 是于2023年4月份加入忘忧,有热情地年轻助教。他和学生们有特别的投缘。是位活泼且有担当的助教。